Simple Media Server (Simese)

Simese is a light-weight and easy to configure alternative for Apache. It can be used for media centers like the SwissCenter, OpenShowCenter Project and the Oxyl~box. The SwissCenter, OpenShowCenter, and Oxyl~box are serverside alternatives for e.g. the Pinnacle ShowCenter, the Popcorn Hour the Neuston Mediacenter and the AVeL LinkPlayer.

Download Simese

Standard (2.0.9)
Latest beta (2.5.10)
Legacy (1.4.7)


Readme / Changes


The Standard Simese package contains only the Simese webserver. The packages do not need additional software like Apache or PHP after installing.

What version should I use?

Version 1.x is the classic version. It works fine for most players but is no longer supported

Version 2.0.x has an improved webserver which is required for the Popcorn Hour. However, this version doesn't support a tray icon.

Version 2.5.x has the improved webserver, has a tray icon and has the best compatibility for the most recent operating systems.

So far version 2.5.x seems very stable, so when in doubt, use the latest 2.5 release.


Download the Inno Setup install script (17 KB) for creating the bundled package installers.