ScanDocs - Simple Document Scanner - Introduction

This is a simple solution to

  • Scan multiple pages (using TWAIN).
  • Merge the pages of a document into a single tif or pdf file
  • Assign a unique name to the documents.


  • Before scanning a barcode sticker (with a unique number) is attached to the first page of each document - or - you have documents with a barcode printed on the first page.
  • The program scans the images, detects the barcode and merges the correct pages into a single document file.


  • Requires the Inliteresearch Barcode (Pro) OCX component for optimal scanning results. This OCX component can be bought from Inliteresearch (More information about scanning can be found below).
  • It requires a (professional) scanner with a sheet feeder. We're using a Canon DR-3080-CII.

Barcode recognition

For barcode recognition the Simple Document Scanner has three options:

Inliteresearch Barcode Pro This is the most optimal scanner. Very fast and good detection even when barcodes are rotated or partially damaged. Supports many barcode types. For more information click here.
Inliteresearch Barcode Basic For less demanding situations the basic scanner might be a solution. The recognition is however less advanced and slower when compared to the Pro scanner. For more information click here.
Internal Detection The internal dection is for testing purposes only. It recognises only code 39 barcodes and has poor detection for rotation etc. The area where the barcode can be found should be specified in the program because this scanner cannot detect a barcode from a random location on the page. (Read the manual for more information about scanning area's).

System requirements

Simple Document Scanning Solution has been tested on:

  • Windows 2000 professional
  • Windows XP professional (SP2)
  • Windows 2003 server
  • Windows Vista